Morganne Atutis is a soon to be graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, a minor in Business Administration, and a concentration in American Sign Language and culture.

Morganne grew a deep passion for photography when she learned the art photography in her high school’s black and white darkroom. She found that stopping one moment in time that can never be replaced filled her life with happiness that no words can describe. At RIT Morganne focused her photography studies on this idea of stopping a moment in time. After four years of intense practice and many different photographic experiences, she has developed her craftsmanship and strives to create photographs that have emotion, composition, a moment, and a connection with the viewer. Morganne’s photographs inform the viewer of not just what it looks like to be in the frame, but how it feels to be there.

Morganne wants to share her craftsmanship with you and your family through life’s many different moments. She is excited and driven to stop your moments in time that can never be replaced. These moments vary from weddings, births, rights of passages, school dances, graduations, halloweens, family gatherings, portraits, to just daily life and everything in between.

Willing to travel and very happy to accommodate any ideas clients have to offer. Contact her today to book a date for your life’s moments.


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